New Regulation on Water Temperature to Affect Home Plumbing

New Regulation on Water Temperature to Affect Home Plumbing

November 16, 2004

Residents who are installing a new hot water tank or making extensive changes to their plumbing will soon feel the effect of an amendment to the Ontario Building Code. The amendment is meant to protect people, especially children, from scalding water. 

This past September, the Ontario Building Code was changed to specify that the maximum hot water temperature supplied to fixtures in residences must not exceed 49 degrees Celsius. The City of Windsor’s position is that after December 1, 2004, anyone making changes to a water system must comply.

“Under the Ontario Building Code,” explained Chief Building Official Mario Sonego, “any material alteration to a building must comply with the temperature limit of 49 o Celsius. A building permit will be required for the replacement of a hot water tank, new construction or renovations, as is the normal process. Other alterations to an existing plumbing system or the replacement of any hot water faucet will not require a permit but still must comply with the new temperature limit.” 

The options available are:

Permits are issued in the Building and Development Department, City Hall, 350 City hall Square West, 4th Floor. The cost of the permit is $75.00. Additional information can be obtained by calling the department at (519) 255-6861, or the Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing Building and Development Branch at (416)-585-6666, or by viewing its web site at 

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